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How do you prevent squash bugs?

by FigTree

Squash bugs can really wipe out a sqash crop, and I wanted to know how to prevent them before they attack!



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Plant your squash after fathers day (late planting)
ms_squeak commented on 04/16/10
I had them last year and they were awful too. This year I'm trying Hot Pepper Wax but that about the nasturtiums is really good to know. The Hot Pepper Wax is keeping the bunnies away.
Flowergardengirl commented on 04/13/10
Companion planting with nasturtiums will do a great job! Plant one nasturtium in between each squash plant. The leaves and flowers of nasturtiums are delicious and go well in salads and are beautiful too! You can&#x27;t go wrong and you will discourage those pesky squash bugs. <br/>
Spirit Horse Herbals commented on 03/19/10
From Danelle on Face Book: I&#x27;m new to gardening, but I bought the book Carrots Love Tomatoes: Secrets of Companion Planting for Successful Gardening by Louise Riotte, and it says several things-- <br/>1. Planting 2-3 icicle radishes in each hill will help prevent insects. Let them grow &amp; go to seed <br/>2. Nasturtiums will repel squash bugs, and so will cigarette ash &amp; other tobacco residue if placed with the seed when planted. <br/>3. Plant squash either earlier or later to avoid insect damage. <br/>4. Plant tansy; it deters flying insects, Japanese beetles, striped cucumber beetles, and squash bugs....
FigTree commented on 03/10/10
You can try making a mixture of water and kaolin clay. Spay it on your plants to deter those bugs! They don't like to walk on it, or be by it. Re-apply if it rains. Also, if you are going to eat your sqaush, just was off the clay.
Crimson Violet replied: on 03/13/10
This is great--- did squash last year and it was a bad scene! I love nasturtiums, so maybe I will try that one too.
earthworm replied: on 03/16/10