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when to start, and with what??

by Bert Loosmore (bloosmore)

Based on Steve Solomon's `Growing Vegetables West of the Cascades' and `The Maritime Northwest Garden Guide' from Seattle Tilth, I think I'm ready to order seeds and start sowing spinach, bulb onions and maybe a few potatoes, plus some flowers.  Is it too soon?  Any other suggestions for March sowings? 

Also, I'm using `fresh' compost from Cedar Grove - should I be adding fertilizer to that? 


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Thanks all for the suggestions. Spinach, potatoes, carrots, arugula and a few flowers are all in the ground, and tomatoes are indoors on the window sill.
bloosmore commented on 03/26/10
very exciting! Started my tomatoes as well-- broccoli, lettuce, mache, strawberries, brussle sprouts, calendula, lavender, parsley, chocolate mint, pineapple sage ALL STARTED!
FigTree replied: on 03/26/10
You can sow potato seed now and mulch with straw in case any frosts come after they sprout above the earth! Seeds of change is a great place for organic potato seed! (hint: so long as there are two &#x27;eyes&#x27; to each cut, you can splilt your potato seed in 2&#x27;s or 3&#x27;s. More bang for your buck that way!) <br/> <br/>Things like onions, chives and brussels sprouts take a lot longer so start your seed now indoors! All of your brassicas (cabbage, brocolli, cauliflower) are cold-hardy and do fine with a little frost. Plant your seeds indoors now! Spinach is cold-hardy as well. <br/> <br/>Flowers: sow indoors now and by the time they are ready to transplant your frost danger will have past. <br/> <br/>If you sow direct outdoors you can use row covers at night if the temps are dipping too low. <br/> <br/>If starting seeds indoors use a soil-less seed starting mix. When transplanting if you use compost you do not need fertilizers. Some gardeners like to give their new transplants a shot/drink of kelp or fish emulsion. But if you have good soil you won&#x27;t need to! <br/> <br/>Happy gardening.
Spirit Horse Herbals commented on 03/19/10
This is such great information! I actually did not know about the potato seeds... thank you for all of these great tips! A shot of kelp! Kind of sounds good :)
FigTree replied: on 03/21/10
Yep- I agree with the chief for sure! I am doing a square foot garden this year so I really have to be organized about it which isn&#x27;t my strongest character trait... <br/>I definitely think you have to get your seeds ordered and I am going to start doing seed starting at the end of the month just to be safe. <br/> <br/>
FigTree commented on 03/08/10
Definitely time to order seeds and start planning... in terms of planting, it depends on what you&#x27;re going to grow. Ideally, you want to be past the date we could get a frost. This year is so mild, it seems like we&#x27;d be OK in Seattle, but you never know... I think planting mid month is pretty safe, especially for the potatoes and onions. Spinach, I&#x27;m thinking end of the month... flowers just depend on what you&#x27;re going to grow... hope that helps! <br/>
chief cultivator commented on 03/08/10