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affordable cool sculpture for your garden

by FigTree

This is my favorite! The Tempest.
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I saw a piece of Jennifer's sculpture at the GWA meeting in Malibu, California last Sunday and felt such inspiration from it!

As I hung out eating cheese and drinking wine at the GWA meeting in Malibu something just awesome caught my eye- a piece of sculpture made by Jennifer Asher of Terra Sculpture.  Luckily, right next to me was the artist herself and her business partner in crime Karen Neill, who does the marketing and PR for the company.  Obviously they are doing something right as you can read all about their company here and here.

Jennifer started out as a landscape designer and slowly but surely realized that there was a hole in the market.  Her clients needed some sculpture that was cool and modern, but didn't have the insane price tags that only people with yachts can afford.  So she took the bull by the horns used her artistic eye and has collaborated with Mario Lopez a metal artist and architect to create these eye catching sculptures.

Honestly I am a huge fan of color in the garden and all of her powder coated sculptures are my favorite- so I want this one, this one, and of course this one- I think they would make the rainy days of seattle a little more easy to deal with.



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Yes, the Tempest is awesome! I checked out the website, and I like the Closer too.
Lily commented on 11/19/09
Couldn't agree w/ you more- the blue is just awesome!
FigTree replied: on 11/19/09