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Deer Resistant Plants

by susanjane

Blah! Yum! and Oh, if I have to...

I agree that in drought, deer will eat whatever they can stand (Oh, if I have to...). In even those conditions, however, we have found several that they still reject (Blah!) These include most salvia, excluding mealy blue. They never eat the blue spiral, the red or pink salvia. The only lantana we've ever had them eat is the purple. They leave the yellow and multicolored alone. The will not eat dianthus, phlox, split-leaf zinnea or vinca. We've been successful with beauty berry. You may note that most of these are native plants for central Texas. Their additional advantage is that they, too, are used to droughts and our less-than-spectacular soil, but you can't ignore them completely. In addition to herbs (but of course, saliva is sage), the deer leave most Texas wildflowers alone - but have been know to munch on bluebonnets. I have a few others to add but, alas, will have to research their names. Don't know if I can amend this later or not. For those of you who want beautiful roses, pansies, iris, tulips, petunias and other non-native traditional plants (Yum!), you may find, like we have, that the best place for those is in pots on your non-accessible porch or deck! Happy gardening while enjoying watching the deer walk gracefully past your yard to your next-door neighbors!


deer resistant


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marcydiané commented on 06/01/12
You are absolutely correct about the mealy blue sage, I just found that they love to munch that sage down to the nubs. <br/> Horror stories? How about Setcrecea, ALL colors of lantana, Zinnia linearis and even large opuntias completely mown down? I&#x27;ll tell ya, the particular variety of deer that hangs out along Lake Austin will eat anything and everything. I do feel sorry for the deer and all critters right now during 105 degree weather. Unfortunately they can&#x27;t escape into the comfort of a.c. like we can ;-)<br/> It is a constant battle, and they were here first, yada yada. <br/><br/>
cajunbarry commented on 07/16/09
It&#x27;s good to see you posting, Susan! Those are great suggestions for plants that work. We have used many of the same ones, especially the sages and various salvias. And they seem to be leaving the wildflowers in the back yard alone.<br/><br/>Keep gardening!
in the weeds commented on 05/15/09
We have had a similar experience with the same plants. I&#x27;ve just come to expect that those pesky critters will try just about anything, but if you plant the right things, and hope for the best conditions, they don&#x27;t eat it down to the ground!
gardengirl commented on 05/14/09