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Varieties specific for Pacific Northwest

by FigTree

Howdy!  I want to grow radishes, carrots and peppers in the garden bed- do you guys know of a specific variety of any of these that are good for the PNW?


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Seattle Tilth's "The Maritime Northwest Garden Guide" has lots of recommendations for this area. I was hoping they'd have the plant sale list up already but not yet. I'm sure they'll have starts though.
flush puppy commented on 03/06/10
In one location, I read that they need to be cool and planted in a light, sandy loam soil. Temps are right to plant the small round ones and the icicle ones mid-spring (mid march - mid april). I read on a PNW garden blog recommendations for Easter Egg II and Cherry Belle. Good luck!
gardengirl commented on 03/05/10
I should note, the info above is about radishes, not carrots!
gardengirl replied: on 03/05/10
FigTree commented on 03/05/10