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The function of Google Chrome to group tabs begins to reach Android phones

by voguemagz


From computer to mobile, Google has begun to deploy one of its latest functions, tab groups, in its Android mobile browser. <br/> <br/>

After the release of version 88 of Google Chrome to most computers, it is the turn of mobile applications. The Android version has started to receive an update with a very useful feature.

According to the information provided by the 9to5Google website, Android mobile browsers are beginning to receive a new interface and new groups of tabs, although they will not yet be available for all devices.

In this new function, we see how the tabs go from being placed in a vertical sequence to forming a grid in several groups. About six tabs are displayed on the screen at the same time, and to close them it is still possible to slide one or all of them sideways or press the X.

This function, which has been available in the computer version for several months, is very useful for organizing all the tabs and being able to jump from one to another more fluidly. As we can see in the upper screenshots, while we consult a website, in the lower bar we will have available the icons of the different groups to be able to jump from one to another and choose between the tabs that make up that group faster.

From the Google Chrome menu on Android, you can now create new groups and drag the tabs from one to the other. Although it has peculiarities to adapt to the needs of mobile screens, this new functionality is similar to the one we now find on computers.

According to 9to5Google, the novelty will take a while to reach all Android devices on the market and its use in the iOS version also needs to be approved. Meanwhile, they suggest us to use the flags or extensions of Chrome to enjoy this new form of organization: chrome: // flags / # enable-tab-grid-layout.

Activating this extension (Enable) and restarting the browser we will see how the groups of tabs are integrated into the application and we can use them until the update reaches our terminal.

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