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Landscaping in the Summer

by A&C Development Inc.

Landscaping in the Summer

The Best Drought Tolerant Flowers for Commercial Yards

Ever experienced sweat-dripping summers? Well, that’s the kind of summers we have in Georgia. In this sweltering heat, it’s not only humans who need water to keep hydrated in order to avoid weakness, but plants need water too. Lots of it! However, there are some amazing drought tolerant plants and flowers that are perfect for commercial yards, parks, courtyards and other outdoor living areas.

These drought tolerant flowers are just the right choice for commercial yards, as they don’t require much watering and are low maintenance too! Check them out below:

These colorful, bright red and gold flowers are as beautiful as they are low maintenance. These beauties are affordable, and require minimum watering. They’re perfect for commercial yards as they are annuals and don’t need replanting every other season. These are also pest resistant, so that gives an added advantage.

This beautiful flower comes in variety of colors and is one of the best drought tolerant flowers. Just like marigold, zinnia is also an annual flower which works well for commercial landscapes. This annual comes in vibrant colors such as gold, orange, yellow, white, pink and rose pink. They love the sun and summer, so they’re perfect for outdoor living spaces that get a lot of sun!

This beautiful long and sleek annual enhances the beauty of any yard. Plant these beauties on the front side of the pavement to give a sense of more color and beauty. Lavender can add color and beauty both to any commercial garden and is affordable too.

This one comes in a variety of types including Bush sage, Russian sage, Meadow sage and more. These annuals are the most drought tolerant of all other flowers that can tolerate dry weather. These hardy flowers are ten to twelve inches tall in purple or blue color with soothing and refreshing green foliage. Salvia has one more plus point too; it’s easy on the pocket.

5.Sun Drops
Out of all the annuals, this beautiful yellow perennial flower, is as beautiful as its name. This plant is an absolute drought loving plant and enjoys full exposure to the sun in soaring temperatures. Sun drops come in white and pink, and bloom well in spring and summer. The pleasant scented flowers are not only drought tolerant but also attract birds too, which can enhance the beauty of any yard.

Considering the weather in the southern states, like Landscape in Atlanta GA can be tricky. These plants and work well for any yard, whether commercial or a small one in your home.


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