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Blooming gifts for the holidays

by dig the dirt editor

It time for the Holidays! Keep up with your Holiday giving lists with this simple and affordable gift idea!

Sometimes it's hard to find a gift for someone that will bring them a little joy without making a crazy dent in your pocketbook.  Give the gift of blooms!  Instead of buying presents for each individual person, why not buy in bulk! It is not only an eco-friendly idea, but also a serious time saver.


Paperwhites are great gifts, and at Willowcreek Gardens you can buy 200 bulbs at once, wrap them individually and send them out to all of your co-workers, employees or use them as a cute stocking stuffer for the family.

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marcydiané commented on 06/01/12
The paperwhites are so pretty! I enjoy giving plants as gifts, and do it often. I recently gave a passion vine to a friend who just had a baby, and a firebush as a birthday present to another. I try to match the plant to the occassion and personality. It&#x27;s fun!
Lily commented on 11/19/09