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Why didn't my corn grow last year?

by FigTree

I had a very small crop of corn last year, which didn't seems to work out-- any suggestions on how to do it better this year?


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Sometimes heat is a factor too... Corn in the Pacific NW can be difficult if it's a cool summer. Lots of sun, western exposure, near a building that reflects heat has worked pretty well for me!
chief cultivator commented on 03/03/10
There may be a couple of reasons your corn did grow last year.. here are some tips: <br/> <br/>-plant your corn in several rows so that your corn is pollinated correctly. If they are planted in one long row, corn will not get pollinated and the ears will not grow to their full potential. <br/> <br/>-if you are planting corn you have to plant enough of it for pollination as well. a small crop will not get the pollination it needs to thrive.
dig the dirt editor commented on 03/03/10