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Lakeridge Elementary to start 5 new beds!

by FigTree

last year's vegetable beds at Lakeridge Elementary

The growing continues as this elementary school is going to be building and planting 5 new beds!

Some great news for Mercer Island!  Lakeridge Elementary is going to be building 5 new vegetable beds for gardening and vegetable growing to be worked into the school curriculum.  Each bed will be "owned" and taken care of by each fourth grade class. 


May 8th we will be joining together to gets these beds built in conjunction with SPRING INTO BED, a city wide push to get more people to grow their own vegetables!

A blog was started last year for the 2009 vegetable bed project which you can see here.

I will be updating all of the progress for this project and let everyone know how the veggies are growing!



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It's so important to get kids growing and learning about gardening at an early age! Very excited about this project...
chief cultivator commented on 03/02/10