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What type of blueberry plants do you grow together for beneficial planting?

by FigTree

I want to grow blueberries this year but don't know which types you should plant together for maximum benefit of the plants. Which two have worked for you?



photo by Lily!


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The Chief also let me know that he just bought three blueberry bushes for the season and got: Northland, Patriot and Blue Crop. <br/> <br/>Can&#x27;t wait for the berries!
FigTree commented on 03/16/10
Finally getting around to this! I got my plants at Swansons sale (going on til the 14th and you should REALLY check it out!). I&#x27;ve got Chandler and Northland this year, and a Chippewa that made it from last year. According to the Swansons handout, you should plant two varieties to aid in pollination, but it doesn&#x27;t specify any combinations. Chandler and Northland are both highbush varieties, and Chippewa is a lowbush.
flush puppy commented on 03/06/10
thanks fp--!!!! best information yet! It is actually kind of hard to figure out and I want those blueberries to be sweet and juicy! I love the little mini blueberries like the ones you find in Maine, but not sure those do the best around here... OH! Also, just found out that there is a new blueberry called the pink blueberry!! very girly though :)
FigTree replied: on 03/06/10
The Swansons handout is great because it describes each type for fruit, blooming time, etc .
flush puppy replied: on 03/06/10
Ah, I just saw this - does it not notify you of new content? I will consult my Swanson&#x27;s handout and get back to you!
flush puppy commented on 03/03/10
thanks fp-- it doesn't so I am going to write up it up on the wall when I post or ask a question for now-- I'll let you know when we fix this little problem!
FigTree replied: on 03/03/10