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Essays on Multiple Personality Disorder

by Dominick Goggins (Aetherins)


Multiple personality disorder MPD is the name that used to be used for dissociative identity disorder DID. MPD is a mental illness that involves a condition in which a person shows multiple identities and personalities, called alters. Essays on multiple personality disorder define multiple personality disorder and discuss its causes, signs, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

A brief definition of multiple personality disorder can serve as a good introduction for essays on multiple personality disorder. Next, essays on multiple personality disorder should examine the causes of multiple personality disorder, including stress, traumatic experiences, child abuse and inadequate childhood nurturing.  The signs and symptoms of the disorder such as lapses in memory, feeling unreal, feeling like more than one person, experiencing blackouts in time and lack of self-recognition in the mirror, should then be listed in essays on multiple personality disorder. In addition, essays on multiple personality disorder should examine how multiple personality disorder is diagnosed. A psychiatrist or psychologist performs a diagnosis using designed interviews and personality assessment tools. Essays on multiple personality disorder should also examine the treatment for multiple personality disorder such as psychotherapy, the main component of treatment for the disorder; hypnosis, which helps increase awareness thus enabling the person to control his personality change; and medication that address concerns over depression, anger, severe anxiety and impulse-control problems. Finally, it is also important to provide in essays on multiple personality disorder an explanation of what will happen if multiple personality disorder is not treated.

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