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Common problems with a vacuum cleaner and how to solve them

by MarkBolton


Whether you have a new or old model of vacuum cleaner, there are a few problems that are common to all vacuums regardless of whether they are good vacuum cleaners or not. Here, we will attempt to answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the problems with a vacuum cleaner.

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Number 1: Weakening suction power

Almost all owners of a vacuum cleaner have seen this problem before. The first thing to do is to not fret.

If you have a model of bagged vacuums, make sure that you have checked the condition of the bag. If the bag is full or near full, empty it immediately. However, if the bag is damaged or is in poor condition, it is time to replace the bag immediately.

If you have a bagless vacuum model, the procedure is still the same. The first thing you need to do is check the vacuum’s dust container. If the container is full or near full, do not hesitate to empty it immediately. However, if the container is broken or if the seal is damaged, it is time to replace the container.

The reason why you need to complete the above steps is because clogging with dust, pet hair, and other fine contaminants is the main reason why the suction power of a vacuum gets weaker over time. This is dangerous because not only will the vacuum lose suction power, but the filters will also become less effective.

Number 2: Burning smells

If it smells like something is burning while you are using the vacuum cleaner, there is a good chance that you have overworked the motor engine of the vacuum. While this might sound like a simple matter of letting the vacuum cool down before reusing it, sometimes that is not the case.

There is a good chance that the motor engine inside has been damaged and caused the burning smell. Unless you want to risk burning down your house, it is a good idea to replace the engine or the vacuum … and remember to be nicer next time with your top vacuum cleaners.

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Number 3: Vacuum suddenly turns off while using

Most modern machines have a safety measure that will automatically shut down the vacuum if the machine is exposed to high temperature and becomes overheated. In short, this is protection intended to prevent the machine from exploding in your face. So, if your vacuum suddenly turns off, be thankful to your vacuum, as it just saved you from a potential disaster.

A common reason why a vacuum can become overworked to the point of shutting itself down is that the vacuum is used to suck up something too much or too big. Vacuum cleaners for household use are not designed to take in a huge amount of litter like an industrial vacuum. If you were vacuuming something like that, it is time to stop immediately.

Another potential problem is that the vacuum is turned to the maximum power while something is clogging it. After you stop vacuuming when you encounter this problem, check immediately in the vacuum to see if dust is blocking the suction. If you have tried both of the above methods and still have problems, it is time to call for a repairman’s assistance.

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Even the best vacuums from the best vacuum cleaner reviews can experience trouble sometimes. The key is being able to identify and remedy the problems. That is why we have put together the guide above for you.