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Application Essay Tips from Stacy Blackman Consulting

by Valeria S.


Guest post from Stacy Blackman who leads one of the premier admission consulting services.

We have a guest post today from Stacy Blackman who leads one of the premier statement of purpose editing services. Stacy Blackman Consulting has helped clients gain admission to every top business school in the world.  In this post she offers application essay tips and a coupon code exclusive for Grockit blog readers for her firm’s newly released school specific application essay guides.

Top application essay tips from Stacy Blackman:

“Each year applicants who possess all the qualities that the top programs are searching for aren’t accepted, and meanwhile, candidates who may be less qualified, objectively speaking, take their pick of the elite schools,” said Blackman. “Better essays are one of the keys, which is why it is so important for applicants to understand what each school is looking for and to focus their efforts on crafting essays that emphasize these qualities.

Top Eight Essay Tips:

1. Study your target schools in detail: Understand what they are searching for in successful candidates and emphasize the attributes and qualities that each program is looking for in your essays.

2. Before you start drafting, understand what the admissions committee is asking and why it’s being asked and be sure to tailor your answer to your target audience. Applicants sometimes forget that their application is in essence an interview on paper. As you are writing imagine the admissions officer sitting across the table from you. Speak to their interests or you’ll risk losing their attention.

3. Develop a personal brand: You can’t tell them everything only the most important things. Emphasize the 3-5 characteristics that the admissions committee will find relevant and communicate your brand in your essays.

4. Always back up your points with clear, specific examples: Share stories from your background that substantiate the claims made by your brand.

5. Reveal many aspects of your personality and background: Don’t just focus on career and academics; reveal your personal interests, hobbies, and activities.

6. Display leadership: Leadership is valued by every business school and can be demonstrated in a number ways from taking initiative to motivating others. Be sure to reveal your leadership potential throughout your essays.

7. Take your stories one step further: highlight the situation, actions taken, results delivered, and the ways you’ve grown. Explain the “why” of your actions as well as what you thought, felt, said, and did.

8. Follow Directions! Answer the question being asked, not what you want to be asked and adhere to word count restrictions. Your ability to get to the point and communicate clearly and concisely is one of the most important traits business school applications are testing for.

By following these eight tips for essay writing, applicants can improve their chances of being admitted to a top business school.  But each of the top schools has specific requirements and specific questions. Stacy Blackman Consulting now offers application essay Guides to Harvard, Stanford, Kellogg, Wharton and Columbia that share essay writing secrets that will help applicants gain admission to these top schools.