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GWA at stone manner lighting

by FigTree

Stone Manner Lighting- a little flower light on a pathway
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A glass of wine, some cheese and crackers at a house on a hill with an amazing garden overlooking the beautiful pacific ocean?? Ummm... twist my arm.

Two days ago I was basking in the golden sunshine at the house of Lane Lindsay the creator of Stone Manor Lighting, an outdoor lighting company that specializes in low voltage lighting.  The whimsical home that I can only describe as unbelievably incredibly crazy amazing was the perfect place to showcase their sweet outdoor lighting throughout their gardens.


As I strolled through their property I got the sense that I was Alice in Wonderland (not as cute) with stone pathways that creeped around the property and rooms made out of hedges.  Everywhere you looked there was a small exit or entryway with vines crawling all around, circular beds patterned with rock formations with a singular mexican sage in the middle, and funky containers with tiny little lights shaped like flowers to give them a little kick at night.  This was all in contrast to the open and unreal view of the pacific ocean that made it all balance out just right.


And now I am back in Seattle where it has rained continuously for two days so I am going to show some pictures of sunshine to try and transport myself back to sweet Malibu.  Why did I move again?



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I really like this place...I want to go! So many things strike my fancy...the floral path lights, the stone succulent planter, the walkways, the view...nice escape!
Lily commented on 11/19/09
What a gorgeous place - Amazing! <br/>
gardengirl commented on 11/18/09
Wow!!! That garden is amazing! I want a hedge room!!! That is the coolest thing! And I love that hardscaping!!! My paths are built of grass. : / And those oceanfront views.........Awesome place!
Daylilyjoy commented on 11/18/09