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Testing! First Post!

by Blueberries4Sal

Parking Strip Blueberries

Last weekend I met the Garden People and had a wardrobe malfunction as I gathered winter debris in the parking strip garden.

We just got a puppy. We've lived in the urban Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle for over 10 years and must know tons of people and yet I am amazed at the number of local people I've met since we got the pup. It's kind of like when we had kids--we met the Kid People. Now we're meeting the Dog People.

This past weekend I met The Garden People. I was out working in my parking strip garden, tending the blueberries, strawberries, lavender and assorted other things planted last summer and just now coming out of their first winter. People cheered me on as they walked by. Some people offered sympathy for the sore muscles I would surely suffer this week from my first weeding of the season. I liked it. This is my first garden and I need all the support I can get.

I did have a challenge though. A wardrobe malfunction. The first pair of pants I wore were low-ish rise jeans, and when I crouched down to gather leaves from under the lavendar I displayed my plumber's wares to the apartment-dwellers across the street, in addition to all the cars and pedestrians passing by. So I went and changed to yoga pants. Sadly, the yoga pants were losing their stretch, and so I had to hike and hike and hike them up again and again as I moved between the yard waste bin and the ground. My kids came home from the park and confirmed that my pants were indeed falling down and would I please change before I embarrassed them to death.

So I come to Dig The Dirt to learn all about plants AND pants AND whatever else people can teach me. And I'm happy to share what I learn. First lesson: get yourself some overalls.


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Loved your post! Learning about plants and pants.....very important aspect to gardening! <br/> <br/>I&#x27;ve ruined more good clothes by refusing to walk by that one &quot;wayward weed&quot; along the path. One weed leads to another, and then another and then.... <br/>another good outfit ruined!
safeharbor commented on 05/20/10
Well, clothing aside, I&#x27;m psyched there is some strip gardening going on! Love the puppy-people, kid-people, gardening people analogy, and so true :-). Keep posting about your endeavors, and bravo on your first post!
chief cultivator commented on 02/25/10
Ha ha--strip gardening! I missed my own gardening double-entendre!
Blueberries4Sal replied: on 02/25/10
Glad to see you here at dig the dirt! Now that you are I can come to you for a good guaranteed laugh.
green juice commented on 02/25/10
Oh, you are hilarious! I am laughing out loud! I have to admit, I have had the same wardrobe malfunction at times weeding my front garden. Darn that low rise jean fashion!! Overalls must be the we know why they exist.
gardengirl commented on 02/25/10
listen there lady it sounds like you&#x27;ve got as bad a case of &quot;crack attack&quot; as does my husband who brings new meaning to the phrase &quot;plumber&#x27;s crack&quot;. <br/> <br/>The Garden People seem to be quite nice and pleasant and like to corner you and tell you all about the new plants they purchase and want you to come over and ooh and ahh all over their new babies. It is nice! Good group to be in. <br/> <br/>Can&#x27;t wait to hear about your gardening adventures! Hurray!!
FigTree commented on 02/25/10