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Farmer's Markets around the country

by dig the dirt editor

I am trying to compile a list of farmer's markets all around the country and give them links so you can find them!

If you are lucky enough to live in an area where Farmer's Markets happen, you should treat yourself to all that they have to offer.  From fruits and vegetables, to free music and a sense of community, the Farmer's Markets around this country are helping to keep this country's future very bright and healthy. 


Here is a list of links to help find the Farmer's Markets in your state- please let me know if there is a special market that you think we should highlight!


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I guess a page for the state of Michigan doesn't exist. There are hundreds of farmers markets in the state, nearly every community has it's own. Some are open year-round, many will be opening in April. I will see if I can find a state listing you can link to as the list is very extensive.
jDelaneyh commented on 03/10/12
Thanks so much for this list. I had no idea there were so many farmers markets within a short distance from my Iowa small town. And many of them on my days off. Looking forward to checking them all out this season :)
GoingGreen commented on 05/01/10
There really are a ton around the country- especially this time of year! Glad you found it :) If you find one that not on the list you can post it below in the comments section!
FigTree replied: on 05/07/10
I didn&#x27;t see any of these on the list, so here are a few from Austin, TX: <br/> <br/>Sunset Valley Farmer&#x27;s Market - voted one of the top ten Farmer&#x27;s Markets by the Audubon Society and one of the top 5 according to Eating Well Magazine. Live music, food and fantastic produce! <br/> <br/>Hope Farmer&#x27;s Market is new to town. I haven&#x27;t been there yet put plan to go in the next few weeks. <br/> <br/>Austin Farmer&#x27;s Market - Before I joined a CSA, this is the market I shopped most often this season. They have two locations, one downtown on Saturdays and one mid town Wednesday afternoons. They just doubled in size a few weeks ago. Great place. <br/> <br/>And last but not least - Boggy Creek Farms. This rrban farm grows produce in East Austin. It&#x27;s a wonderful place to visit - see the farm itself and watch the chickens. Market days are Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9 - 1. They have wonderful heirloom produce and I love their rhubarb!! Check out the website, one of the owners/farmers (Carol Ann Sayle) is a writer as well and writes fun articles and books about the farm and it&#x27;s goings on.
gardengirl commented on 02/24/10