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How to Plant a peony

by dig the dirt editor

These are some of the most beautiful flowers you will find in any garden or flower arrangement. Follow these guidelines to make sure you are planting your peony correctly.

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It’s peony-planting time!

Peonies are easy to grow, but you should follow these guidelines when planting:


  • Peonies like a lot of sun--at least six hours a day. So locate them in a sunny and protected bed or border (gusting warm winds can wreak havoc on peony blossoms).
  • Locate peonies in a bed with well-drained soil. If their place in the garden is on the wet side, add sand to help facilitate drainage.
  • Since their shrublike foliage is 2 to 4 feet tall, peonies make exceptional hedges or back-of-the-border plantings. They also retain their glossy, green foliage after blooming and until frost.
  • Peonies can reside in the same spot for years. But if they stop producing large numbers of blooms, it’s time to divide them.
  • Peonies grow best in zones 2 through 8. But, because peonies need winter chilling, peony lovers in zones 7 and 8 should select early-blooming varieties such as double ‘Big Ben,’ semi double ‘Miss America,’ and single ‘Friendship Hybrid.’ Another warm-weather tip: hold off planting peonies until late fall (October or November).
  • Plant several early, mid- and late-season bloomers to stretch the length of their peony presence in your garden.


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Hugofirst1994 commented on 09/07/20
These flowers are so beautiful! I don't see too many of them where I live though. Sigh.
gardengirl commented on 02/24/10
think they might be hard to grow in texas... they need that "chilling" time to grow.
dig the dirt editor replied: on 02/25/10