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Building the garden, phase one

by Mama2josh

Behind the house, after the gravel and old beds were removed
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Yay! Got started on my new garden today. I have a small area (8' wide by 40' long) behind my house that had 3-8' long raised flower beds when I bought the house. The beds were surrounded by gravel - the large, sharp kind. I've always hated it, and finally got around to doing something about it. Last night we got the chicken coop moved back into the corner (and out of the front yard, much to my bf's delight) and the chickens seem quite happy with their new location. Today I shoveled all the gravel out, removed the old raised beds and spread the dirt that had been in them. I have not been this sore in a long time!


My honey surprised me by getting off work early, so we went and got the lumber to build the new beds, and he built them by nightfall! Next steps: get the soil mix to fill the beds, sod for between the beds and the house, figure out how to keep the dog out of the beds and get the fencing that will turn the beds into a chicken run when I'm not growing. Oh yeah, I should probably order seeds and get those going at some point as well. :-) Still need to plan out what all I'm going to grow and layout the garden. And figure out a timeline so I can grow and harvest all season long. Any suggestions are welcome!


The picture of the new beds is up - I have one 32' long by 3' wide bed! Unfortunately, I don't have  before picture, but what was there previously was 3 8'x2.5' beds down the center of the space. The pictures are taken from just outside my back door. The chicken coop is down at the far end. The fence on the left is about 20' high and seperates my house from the high school's baseball field.


building raised beds, chickens, starting from scratch


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marcydiané commented on 06/01/12
holy cow! you really have been a busy and productive human... making me feel lazy!I love the area that you get to do all of this in, as so many people wouldn&#x27;t make such great use of that area. I think it&#x27;s hilarious that we&#x27;re all going to be building &quot;chicken runs&quot; as well as &quot;dog runs&quot; soon :) <br/> <br/>Looks like you&#x27;re off to a great start and I agree w/ gardengirl- sq foot gardening is such a great way to go. Can&#x27;t wait to hear about the updates!
FigTree commented on 02/19/10
So cool! What an amazing amount of work you done already - fantastic! Check out the square foot gardening method - it makes every inch of the garden productive. I think the latest edition is the All New Square Foot Gardening (Mel Bartholomew). Garden layout is always so fun. Good luck with it all and I look forward to seeing photos! <br/>
gardengirl commented on 02/19/10
Square foot gardening is my plan - I'm so very excited about it. I've been checking out the sqft website and have the basic idea. Now my focus is to plan for a (nearly) year-round garden, trying to figure out what to plant where and when. Thanks for your input!!
Mama2josh replied: on 02/19/10
Good luck! Things grown at home always taste better!! It's challenging to think a season or two ahead when planting! I did that last weekend when I planted some onions and potatoes b/c they will still be in the ground into my planting time for spring veggies. I saw a website recently that suggested veggie grouping for rotations. I can't remember the name of it but I bet if you googled veggie grouping for rotations, you might be able to find some good info.
gardengirl replied: on 02/19/10