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Caring for Your Holiday Greens

by chief cultivator

Don't be intimidated into waiting until December to deck the halls with fresh greenery. With a little care, you can enjoy your festive creations from Thanksgiving through New Years!

Under the proper conditions, a green tree, wreath, garland, or other arrangement should look good for several weeks. The biggest key is to start fresh -- buy the freshest, highest quality greenery possible. Once home, here are a few ways to keep greens looking good.




  • As soon as a fresh tree arrives at your home, use a saw and give the trunk a fresh cut 1 inch from its bottom. Immediately stand the tree in a bucket of warm water. Let the tree take up water until you're ready to transfer it to a tree stand.
  • Add water daily to the tree stand -- many trees drink a gallon the first day and a pint or more daily after that.
  • The easiest way to water a tree is with a long-necked watering can.
  • Mist an undecorated wreath or garland with tap water. Let it dry before hanging and decorating.
  • In rooms with fresh greenery, keep the humidity on the high side buy running a humidifier, using a vaporizer at night, or lightly spritzing the air with water. Do not directly spray trees, wreaths, or garlands -- water may damage their decorations or lights.
  • Keep greenery away from radiators, heat registers, sunny windows, or other sources of heat. If you lay garland or other greens on a mantle, keep them away from the fireplace. Nix ceiling fans, too. The breeze dries greens and promotes needle drop.



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