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Deck the Halls

by Cliff Sharples (chief cultivator)

Fill any room with Christmas cheer in an instant with our Pepperberry and Pinecone Wreath and Garland
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When you deck your halls this year, get a little, well, deck-adent. Fill your whole house -- inside and out -- with fresh green garlands, wreaths, and trees of all sizes.

Mantles, stairways, and porch rails cry out for draped garlands, (but so do window frames, doorways, and even open-ceiling beams). Be sure doors and walls have their yearly wreath, then hang a few from windows, cupboards, porch, and lamp posts. Fraser fir trees range in size from 3 to 8 feet, so plant one in every room. 

Terrific trees and new traditions
Reserve the large family tree for those ornaments that are a yearly tradition, then scatter smaller ones throughout the house for "themed" trees that showcase your family's interests in gardening, sports, collecting, or another hobby.

Visitors will linger at your door when you set up a couple of holiday trees outside your home. Tuck a tabletop-size (3½ to 4 feet) fir tree into a cement urn planter for a diminutive touch next to the front step. If you have a high-ceilinged porch, decorate it with a 6-foot-tall tree. We also offer a 7½- to 8-foot-tall tree, which looks great standing sentry next to a walkway.

Great garlands for good cheer
Indoors, all it takes is one evergreen garland to fill your home with the fragrance of a pine forest. A garland hung high over a window or along a curtain rod is a great way to display a collection of fragile glass ornaments. They're out of traffic patterns and less likely to get bumped or broken. Besides, they'll show up better when separated from the tree's collection of baubles and lights.

Outdoors, drape your home's entrance with evergreen garlands and your outdoor decor will easily take a "bough" in the friendly neighborhood competition. Choose from our Fraser fir or Western red cedar garlands for wrapping gateposts, topping fences, or winding along porch railings.

Wonderful wreaths that say welcome
Cluster several wreaths together over the fireplace in place of a painting. Then use the greenery as a platform for displaying antique or collectible holiday mementos. You can even tuck a few pictures among the needles.

Hang your stockings by the chimney with care. Then, grab your hammer, don your mittens, and head outdoors to hang wreaths. Jack Frost decorates windowpanes with filigreed and feathered designs, and you can accent his frosty, festive borders with evergreen wreaths.

Try a noble fir wreath - it makes a lush but simple circle that can be accented with blue spruce cones and bunches of red canella berries. The Fraser fir wreath is also a classsic. Adorned with pine cones and a Santa Claus-red bow, it will withstand winter's fiercest blasts. For a medley of evergreen pageantry, try a mixed wreath, which combines branches of noble fir, silver fir, juniper, and incense cedar.


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