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The top 10 vines to grow in your garden

by dig the dirt editor

Soar to new height with flowering annual vines! They defy gravity and add instant architecture to your garden.

Top 10 vines to grow in your garden this spring!


1. Welcome your day with Morning Glories: 'Pearly Gates' Morning Glory


2. Sweet Peas have fragrant blooms: 'Lipstick' Sweet Pea from Renee's Garden


3. More and more Morning Glories! 'Heavenly Blue' Morning Glory from Park Seed


4. Sweetest Peas in town: 'Mrs. Collier' Sweet Pea from Simply Seeds and Plants


5. Jeweled Tones for your garden: 'Scarlett O'Hara' Morning Glory from Burpee


6. Purple passions! 'Ruby Mon' Hyacinth Bean


7. Throw some Yellow into the mix! : Black Eyed Susan Vine from Park Seed


8. Tendrils of creeping gloxinia twine and curls around your supports: Creeping Gloxinia


9. These blooms burst with color and attract butterflies! 'Painted Lady' Runner Bean


10. Want something to smell the sweetest at night? Moonflower Vine from Cherry Gal




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Emy Brown commented on 08/31/18
In a previous house with a large deck and unsightly trellis below, I planted morning glories and moon flowers. It was absolutely beautiful and covered the trellis from the ground to the rail of the deck with gorgeous flowers and foliage. The vines had a few aphids, but the masses of ladybugs we had kept them in check - fascinating to watch the ladybug life cycle! My grandmother had a terrific green thumb and grew a variety of plants, including lovely blue morning glories. I always think of her when I see them. Hyacinth beans are awesome in the garden - in the same previous house I grew those as well. The seeds are really cool - they look like little squished oreos.
gardengirl commented on 02/09/10
Definitely planting moon flower vine again this year... made such a sweet scent in the evening air by our terrace. And, really easy to grow.
chief cultivator commented on 02/09/10