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Topiaries for your Thanksgiving Day Decor

by Cliff Sharples (chief cultivator)

Add elegance and green to your table decor this Thanksgiving
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What better way to set off your table than with a topiary centerpiece? Engulfed in ivy, rosemary, boxwood, and angel vine, these lush topiaries will take center stage in arrangements. It's easy to turn your table into a masterpiece with these 10 tips for tabletop topiaries.

1. Go for the bold Don't be shy when it comes to decorating. While topiaries can certainly hold their own in a handsome pot, they really shine when combined with candles, nuts, fruits, and mini pumpkins.

2. Parting Gifts When hosting a dinner party, arrange three or four topiaries on your table. At the end of the night, give your guests a topiary to take home.

3. Table Talk Try not to block the view from across the table when arranging. Tall sphere topiaries, with a ball on top (like a giant lollipop) let diners see across the table.

4. Turn it on! String tiny white lights throughout your topiary for a dazzling display. Most craft stores carry small, battery-powered light sets.

5. Round about! Topiary rings or wreaths glowing with candles are especially eye-catching for round or oval tables. Fill the center of the wreath with nuts, pears, apples, lemons, and limes.

6.Very Variegated Topiaries created with variegated ivy give arrangements a sophisticated air. Combine with white linen, crystal, and china for an elegant table. Remember that variegated ivies prefer a little more sunlight than the all-green varieties.

7. Creative Containers Place your potted topiary in an oversized container like a wooden bowl or trug and surround it with nuts, mini pears, and cranberries.

8. Shoo Fly! The tops of topiaries are prime spots for spider mites (they like dry, dusty areas). If your plant should get spider mites, simply dip the topiary in a tub of water.

9. Snip and Cut Your topiary will arrive neatly trimmed. Over time, it will grow out (just like a haircut). Trim unruly vines back to their original shape or tuck them back into the topiary.

10. Beyond the Dining Room Don't limit yourself to the dining room table. Other furniture needs dressing up too! Dressers, mantles, buffets, coffee tables, armoires, and end tables all deserve attention.


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Great ideas! I am hosting Thanksgiving this year and look forward to trying some of these out! <br/>
gardengirl commented on 11/15/09