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bigger is better- the amaryllis bulb

by dig the dirt editor

the bigger the bulb...
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Yep, sorry to say it folks, but size does matter when it comes to amaryllis bulbs.

  • The bigger the bulb the bigger the bloom is the rule of thumb.  So make sure when you're picking out those bulbs you get some large ones to make the color explode throughout your holiday season.
  • The large-flowering amaryllis bulbs measure in at more than 34 centimeters in circumference (they're as big as softballs).
  • Top-size large-flowering amaryllis are 34 centimeters in circumference and can produce 3 stems with 10 flowers total! Smaller bulbs are only 24 to 26 centimeters and produce only 1 stem with 4 flowers total, so when you're shopping around make sure to ask how big their bulbs are.
  • The bulb growers use a simple bulb-sizing device. They insert a bulb into the form to determine size. Top-size bulbs are the biggest bulbs--and will produce the most blooms. Bigger is simply

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