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Kid's Gardening Camp: amaryllis planting time!

by dig the dirt editor

steps to grow your amaryllis bulbs
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Kid-friendly project: yes! Amaryllis are one of nature's no-fail flowering jewels. For young math scholars, plant a yardstick in the pot (or simply attach it to the pot) with your amaryllis. Then measure flower stalk length every other day and graph to observe the rate of growth over time.

Enchant guests with your child's greenthumb this holiday season by helping them raise a pot of amaryllis. Their elegant flowers complement any holiday décor, with blooms in hues of red, pink, or white.

Dress up your home this holiday season with breathtaking blossoms that you grow yourself. Amaryllis unfurl their spectacular flowers with the most minimal care--they're so foolproof, even a four-year-old can grow them!

Traditionally, amaryllis are sold one bulb to a pot. Make the most of this beauty's foolproof flower power by tucking two or three bulbs in a larger pot. The process is so simple: Plant, water, and--literally--watch your garden grow!

  • Amaryllis bulbs are large. The succulent roots crave moisture; plant bulbs shortly after they arrive. For a full container garden, plant three amaryllis bulbs in a 12-inch pot; use a 10-inch pot for two bulbs. Plant amaryllis so that half of the bulb protrudes above the soil. Flowers can get tall; insert stakes for support at time of planting.
  • Water pots after planting, then set containers in a sunny window. Don't water again until the flower bud pokes from the top of the bulb. Flower stalks will grow for several weeks. Keep soil moist during this time. Cool temperatures and bright light yield shorter blossom stalks; hot temps and low light produce longer stems.
  • When buds crack open and flower petals begin to unfold, shade plants from direct sunlight. Placing pots into cooler spots--day temperatures of 65°F--will help flowers last longer. Blossoms typically linger two to three weeks.

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Just purchased my first Amaryllis bulbs! Gonna plant with the kids tonight for the holidays!!!
Lily commented on 11/19/09