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amaryllis | caring for your amaryllis after bloom

by dig the dirt editor

After your amaryllis blooms, there are little tricks and tips to keep the blooms going. So check out our tips below and keep those beautiful blooms longer!

CARE AFTER BLOOM: Your amaryllis bulb has just invested all its energy in producing flowers. It now needs plenty of water, fertilizer, and sunshine to allow its leaves to carry on the process of photosynthesis and replenish the bulb’s food supply.

Pinch off spent blossoms so the plant doesn’t waste energy forming seeds. Don’t remove any foliage yet. Move the plant to a sunny window, continue to water as needed, and fertilize twice per month to promote healthy leaves. The more leaves the plant grows in summer, the more flower stalks it will be able to produce the following winter. If you wish, move the pot outside once spring has truly arrived, or put it in a greenhouse or on an indoor windowsill. Try to find a spot where it will receive at least four hours of sunshine each day.

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