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Seed Starting 101

by FigTree

Seed starting is an act of faith and renewal. It signals the start of another growing season and the opportunity to grow the perfect garden.

Michaelandcrops.detailYou can start your entire garden in an afternoon—really! Just follow our easy steps for starting seeds in flats, and you’ll be ready to plant as soon as the last frost date has passed in your area, or buy this seed starting kit from Burpee and make it extra eco-friendly!Seedstartingkit.detail

Seed-starting kit. This eco-friendly seed starting kit from BURPEE includes:
• Fiber Planting Cells- Compostable
• Bamboo Watering Tray- 6 month Compostable
• 25- Sustainable Burpee Super Growing Pellets
• Biodegradable germination sheet
• 6 Wooden Plant Labels
• 1 oz. package of Espoma organic fertilizer


Or you can try a more traditional seed starting kit, which should be available at any local nursery.

1. Place each of the 36-cell plastic divided trays into a wooden flat.  Fill each of the cells with germinating mix, filling right to the top.
2. Use a knife to scrape off extra germinating mix so that the tops of the cells are nicely flattened. Save the excess mix for your next flat.
3. Take another divided tray, and set it on top of the first tray. Press down lightly to help compact the germinating mix and form shallow depressions to hold your seeds.
4. Place one seed into each of the cells. For small seeds (such as carrots), you can sprinkle several seeds into the germinating mix. Cover with additional germinating mix and water with a gentle spray of fertilizer to help create strong root systems. Keep the germinating mix moist, but be careful not to overwater. Depending on the seed type, your seeds will sprout in several days to a week.Radishes_radish_perfecto-1.detail


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Are carrots supposed to be supposed to be started in cells or in the soil directly.
theatregeek1008 commented on 06/02/10
Carrots should be sown directly in the bed where you plan on growing them.
FarNorthFarmer replied: on 03/08/13
tried the bamboo pellets this year and they worked like a charm. Tomatoes are going crazy that got started in them.
nematode commented on 05/03/10