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Roses in containers

by Seedling

Wondering if it is possible to grow roses in containers, and if so, which are the best for that?


Roses, Questions, containers


The Oso Easy roses by PW will work--warning--they grow like crazy so you'll have to trim a lot. I did not like them in my garden. They'll flow over the edge but won't get more than 4 feet tall.
Flowergardengirl commented on 04/13/10
Thank you- this sounds like it might be a good one for me and I've heard good things about PW roses! :)
Seedling replied: on 05/03/10
Hi Seedling - yes containers are fine but you don't need to restrict yourself to patio roses. I grow a couple David Austin (English) roses in pots; they really respond to root pruning to get the fibrous roots going. I blogged a bit about this here - - at the end is some info on root pruning.
Stopwatchgardener commented on 12/23/09
Absolutely! Based on my experience, any rose that has a compact habit would work in a container. Obviously mini's will work too.
Lily commented on 11/12/09
Minis seems to be a great idea if you're looking for something that is a no brainer. Good idea Lily.
FigTree replied: on 11/12/09