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Tomato seeds growing!

by Maggie Tate (gardengirl)

Small Tray of Seedlings
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The tomato seed saga continues....

Well, I am amazed at the progress of my little tomato seeds.  All but 5 of the 62 containers I started a little over a week ago have at least one tomato growing! The rope lighting underneath the trays worked very well for germination.  It warmed the soil nicely, not too hot.  So, that is something I will do again. I am continuing the experiment now with light. I have had a fluorescent bulb above the large tray of 50 and I have been putting the smaller tray of 12 in a south facing window sill.  So far, the natural sunlight is working better.  So, today I have been carting my large tray of seedlings around to sunny patches in the house.  Hard on a cloudy day!  I am very pleased with the progress so far!



they are so cute!! they look like their going to be good!!!! did you use pellets?
dig the dirt editor commented on 01/27/10
Yes, I used pellets for 12 (small tray) and the large tray I filled peat pots with organic seed starting mix.
gardengirl replied: on 01/28/10