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I Love My Garden

by Grace Sass (Hibiscusgirl)

Gorgeous Gardenia
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My garden is my means of relaxation after a hard day/week. I enjoy taking photos of the flowers & trees. It still has room for improvement,but I know patience pays off.




South african gardens


so very pretty! love seeing gardens from around the world!
butterfly commented on 03/19/10
Hi Hibiscusgirl-- looks like you can grow a lot of tropicals in your area. I have been to S. Africa (Capetown) and it was so interesting how the landscape would change so dramatically in different area of Capetown! There was desert, jungle, beach... it was so cool to be able to "travel" to all these different area with just a short drive. Thanks for pictures and hope to see more of them in the future!
FigTree commented on 02/12/10
Your flowers are beautiful. I can appreciate your enjoyment of taking photos of them...I do it myself; and I share them with friends as though the flowers were my children.
LilyLover commented on 02/11/10
love you garden too!! your blooms look like you're doing a good job raising them :)
dig the dirt editor commented on 01/28/10
Thank u! We have had lots of rain here recently in Jo'burg & plants that were really tiny have suddenly sprung up more than double their height. Will see if I can take more photos
Hibiscusgirl replied: on 01/28/10
you're in South Africa?
dig the dirt editor replied: on 01/28/10
Yes I am.
Hibiscusgirl replied: on 01/29/10
Wow your flowers are gorgeous! Can't wait to see other photos!
gardengirl commented on 01/27/10
Thank u! I will try to post more photos often.
Hibiscusgirl replied: on 01/28/10
I wish I could grow gardenias...! I have a cold-resistant variety from Monrovia that has smaller flowers, but not the same as these nice big blooms you have here! Thanks for sharing, and can't wait to see more of your pictures as Spring unfolds!
chief cultivator commented on 01/27/10