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UWAJIMAYA- the coolest grocery store ever!

by FigTree

Uwajimaya: the mecca of asian produce
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Bored with your grocery store? Take a trip to Uwajimaya...

Sometimes I go through the produce section at my grocery store and I just feel bored.  Now, I know I am a spoiled American and that we have so much to choose from it is ridiculous, but I just get a little ho hum about carrots, spinach and cucumbers.  The most exciting thing I've seen in a while there was a cool looking parsnip.  But last week my senses awakened and I was hit by a storm of produce at an asian grocery store here in Seattle called Uwajimaya.

My parents and I journeyed into the city (I'm being dramatic as it took 15 minutes) and it felt as though I was transported immediately to asia.  It was so overwhelming with how many different kinds of pickled radish, dumplings, soy sauce, seaweed, miso paste, and noodle bowls there are in the world.  But the best part of it was the exotic produce- it actually inspired me to want to cook!  There were tiny little Thai eggplants, persimmons overflowing, stalks of lemon grass, huge aloe vera leaves, filipino cooking bananas... it was never ending.  It was so cool to see how many varieties of vegetables and fruit are out there in the world and it made me think of all those farmers and gardeners out there on the other sides of the world growing their hearts out.

Now, I am not the best cook in the whole world, and I have to admit that my idea of making an effort is pasta with meatballs (pre-made), and a major effort is when I add a side salad.  But this really inspired me, so I went out on a hunt for some recipes for these cool veggies that I saw and I am going to attempt to actually make some of these recipes.  I'll let you know how they turn out!

Thai Eggplant

Kiwano Melon

Satsuma Imo

Fuyu Persimmon

Saba Banana

Han Choy

Choy Sum

Chinese Long Beans

Indian Bittermelon



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