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new member: verdura culinary gardens

by Verdura Caroline

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welcome these newcomers to our site!

If you live in the Portland, OR area, want an organic vegetable garden and have a sunny spot somewhere on your property, boy are you in luck!  Give these awesome folks a holler and become a fan!


Husband and wife team Larry and Caroline Lewis started Verdura Culinary Gardens, a cool company that will come to your house, give you a no obligation free consultation for your vegetable garden bed. From their website, here is what they offer:

  • premium natural wood frames in cedar or Douglas fir, treated with an environmentally safe wood stabilizer
  • a comprehensive year-round garden planting plan
  • our own locally sourced, organic soil mix
  • organic seeds and plant starts including varieties unavailable at garden centers and big box stores
  • a professional grade drip irrigation system


and not only that, but they are nice, friendly, and have a wealth of infomation for you.  So, click here, become a fan and get those garden vegetable beds started!  Thanks Caroline and Larry!!




organic vegetable gardens, vegetable beds, verdura culinary gardens


Oh, how I wish they were in Texas! I love the look of their gardens and am going to change mine up a bit. And that basket of produce, wow! Maybe I need to move there!
gardengirl commented on 01/26/10