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The Bee Line

by Cliff Sharples (chief cultivator)

Ever wonder where the expression "make a bee line..." is from? Well, bees, of course!


Like so many expressions, I never gave much thought to "just make a bee line to..." Angi, the owner of Wild Acre Farm, reminded me of this expression when my new French Bulldog puppy,Wasabi, was stung on the nose by a honey bee heading back to the hive! She was giving me a tour of her land and showing me her bee hives as I got acquainted with Wasabi and his siblings. Standing next to the hive, there was an ariel traffic lane abuzz with bees coming in and out. Being the neophite that I am to the secret life of bees, I stepped into the bee line like somone in Hanoi plunging into a busy street... Angi thoughtfully told me to take two steps back, as unlike the motorbikes in Hanoi, the bees don't like to go around you! Unfortunatley for little Wasabi, he went right next to the bee off-ramp, where they go into the hive, and well, you can probably guess the outcome!


bees, honey, dogs, sustainable living


Nice to have mental picture for the phase! Is Wasabi one of the pups in the photo?
gardengirl commented on 01/26/10
Yes, he's the black and white guy next to the hive!
chief cultivator replied: on 01/26/10
What a darling pup! Hope you are having fun!
gardengirl replied: on 01/26/10