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big leaf in Hawaii

by Bruce Tate (in the weeds)

Julia has a big leaf on Maui.
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Hawaii gardens

When we were in Hawaii, Julia picked up this big leaf. We thought it was cool. On the same drive, we found this man that would make these interesting baskets out of banana leaves. Just up the road, they had these banyon tree colonies that could get absolutely massive. It was an interesting hour.


Hawaii, banana leaves, designs


SO cool- I love that the leaf is bigger than her head. I just love love love Hawaii- the plants there are so amazing. I felt like I was at plant disneyland there. I went camping in Kuai for 2 weeks and literally ate mostly found fruit like mangos and avocados the whole time we were there- it was very "survivor"... okay, it was a little more like "glamping".
FigTree commented on 11/06/09
WOW! What great photos!!! The size of tropical plants (and bugs) amazes me!!! And I love the banana leaf pots. I want to learn!!! (Your children are precious!)
Lily commented on 11/06/09