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Seeds started

by gardengirl

My little seed tray
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Starting to grow seeds

With the gorgeous warm weather we are having here in central Texas, I have been really motivated to start to grow plants for the veggie bed. i planted A LOT of my heirloom tomato seeds...embarassed to even confess this but I used a seed starter tray with 50 spots and put in at least two seeds in every one.  AND I decided to hedge my bets with another 12 jiffy pellets in a smaller window sill container to see if they do better. (I would be happy to just grow a garden full of tomatoes with a few beans, cucs and eggplants.) Not all the tomato seeds are mine - they were actually sent to me to share with a friend...and if even half come up, we will be sharing with many more!!  I kept the seeds on the dryer during a laundry day yesterday.  Today I moved them around the house chasing warm spots.  And tonight I am letting them sit on a rope light on a table.  My youngest and I took a peek under the lid tonight and we see some action!

I also took time today to sprinkle some California Poppy seeds in various places in the garden today.  Hopefully at least a few of those will come up. too. 


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exciting stuff happening!!! cool idea with the rope lights- does that work? i cannot wait to get my seeds started...
FigTree commented on 01/22/10