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Is there a safe, nontoxic way to control slugs and snails?

by dig the dirt editor

I don't like to kill, but I hate these things!




snail controls, slugs, pests, insects, disease, gardening


also have heard NOT to plant too many marigolds b/c they attract slugs! bummer b/c they are good companions for tomatoes.
FigTree commented on 03/24/10
I just put beer in a pie pan . It must be low enough for the snails to climb into because it's full of dead snails .
Default_user_sprite commented on 02/27/10
An idea from a pro for raised veggie garden beds... screw a 2X4 around the top of your bed and staple gun astro turf to the underside of the 2X4. Slugs cannot attach to the astro turf and fall right off. Beds are rescued!
FigTree commented on 01/22/10
Very cool idea!!!
Lily replied: on 01/25/10
You can try using Slugo (or Sluggo?). It is OMRI certified. Also, go slug hunting early in the morning after a good rain. Pick them off of the ground and don't forget to look for slug eggs to crush. They look like a cluster of cooked tapioca. Diatomaceous earth will deter slugs from eating your plants, they cannot travel through it, so I highly suggest spreading it around your plants. It must be reapplied after a rain.
Eklutnakittycat commented on 01/22/10
DE is brilliant for any crawling bug, but MAKE SURE you get the kind that is used in gardens and not the kind used for pools- VERY IMPORTANT!!!
FigTree replied: on 01/22/10
BTW- Slug Hunting sounds like it needs to be a reality show!
FigTree replied: on 01/22/10
My non-expert advise is cayenne pepper. I use it to deter most anything. I can't say it's 100% successful, but it has worked well for me for over 20 years. I started sprinkling it on my basement window sills (up north, of course) to deter spiders and other creepy crawlies from entering through the less than air-tight 100+year old windows. In the garden, I sprinkle it along the ground, perimeter, and on the plants themselves (test first to be sure there's no reaction) one likes a surprise mouth full of hot pepper!
Lily commented on 01/15/10
cool- i haven't tried that yet but really interesting idea.
FigTree replied: on 01/22/10
These pests can be controlled with slug bait, plastic traps, copper barriers, or homemade beer traps. To make beer traps, simply sink paper cups, or small metal cans with the tops cut off, into the ground until tops are level with the soil surface. Fill about halfway full with beer. The slugs are attracted to the beer, fall in, and drown. Empty the traps and refill twice a week. Space the traps at about 3- to 10-foot intervals. Regular applications of diatomaceous earth may also prove helpful.
dig the dirt editor commented on 01/13/10