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What should I use to keep pests off my herbs?

by dig the dirt editor

Growing herbs may attract certain pests.  Any ideas for controlling these pests?


Rosemary, Oregano, Basil, hearbs, pests


Although not immune to diseases and bugs, herbs are certainly less prone to attracting pests than many popular American garden plants. I recommend using organic methods in dealing with pests. Remember - you will be growing many of your herbs to consume in one way or another and with them you&#x27;ll be consuming whatever pest control you&#x27;ve used. <br/> <br/> So while there are other effective pest controls on the market, we think using organic solutions helps to minimize exposure to potentially harmful compounds. For flying insects, use insecticidal soap; for crawling varieties, use diatomaceous earth. Make sure this is the kind used in gardens and NOT pools.
dig the dirt editor commented on 01/12/10