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Wreaths for Thanksgiving

by FigTree

6 Herb Wreath:
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We all feel that inner voice right around this time telling us that it is time to get out the decorations and filling our house with cheer. Here are some wreath inspirations to fuel your inner decorator.

It is time to face the facts- the waning colors of your garden is telling you to bring the bounty indoors: everlasting flowers, dried leaves, fruits, and grasses are a natural way to decorate for the Thanksgiving holiday as well as a way to hold onto the last color of the season.

Fall rituals. The fall air may initiate your own decorating rituals. Some of us comb the countryside in search of the perfect leaf.  The hunter-gatherer in you may be searching for that herb that you can dry and make into a wreath!

Wreaths. From the floor of the woods to the tips of the trees, you can make your own wreath to hang on the door to welcome your guests for their thanksgiving feast they are about to enjoy.  Use wreaths as a decorative element on their own, or add them to what you already have.

Cluster several small wreaths together, or scatter then throughout the house.  Groups of three similar little wreaths give your decorating a little punch, or use each in a different way hung over the corner of a picture or mirror, as a curtain tie-back, propped on a shelf or bookcase, dangling from a ribbon in an elegant but empty picture frame- the ideas are endless.

Fragrant bonus
Wreaths made of sweet-smelling herbs waft their charm throughout the house with a gentle scent. Fresh eucalyptus, rosemary, and lavender fill the senses when made into a wreath to hang in your house.  Try the bathroom, the humidity of the shower will make the fragrance sing!


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