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Koeman family tulip farm

by TulipMan

Cutting flowerheads of last row Orange Princess
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Tulips - a family business

My family is growing tulips since 1952. My grandpa started to grow some tulips next to some other crops. My father and 6 of his brothers got infected with the tulip mania virus; all of them became tulip farmers. My father retired 3 years ago, most of my uncles are still in business but the new generation Koeman (myself) is very motivated to keep the tulip mania alive. My two brothers Johan and Robert running the family business in Holland.







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What a wonderful profession to have chosen! I can only dream of walking in field of tulips like the ones you've shown in the pictures. The tulips are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your story and photos.
LilyLover commented on 01/26/10
That is gorgeous photography of a phenomenal place! Do you know how lucky you are, TulipMan, to have grown up in that environment?!!!! That 'Angelique' tulip is to die for! It reminds me of the peonies I used to grow in Atlanta. But I bet the tulips don't flop over!
Daylilyjoy commented on 10/23/09
Wow, impressive history in the business. Are you in the US?
INGrandad commented on 10/22/09
Thanks! Yes we are in Brightwood VA You can visit us this spring, we will have a huge organic tulip show garden (not as big as the Keukenhof...) and a pick your own tulip garden!
TulipMan replied: on 10/22/09
If I ever get southeast, you're on the list of places to visit. I'm close enough to Holland, MI that I've been through there a time or two int he spring, tulip fields in full bloom are hard to beat.
INGrandad replied: on 10/22/09
A long line of tulips people... love to have the serious insider tip going on here! Thanks for all the great pictures. They are very inspiring. Makes me want to gro tulips for sure!
FigTree commented on 10/22/09