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Hydrangea-mania (part 2)

by gardengirl

'Double Delights Perfection' Hydrangea
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Some absolutely fabulous new varieties to check out.

Awhile ago I wrote about 'Hydrangea-Mania' and some new Hydrangeas that we had just added to the database. Well, it's that time again and these new beauties don't disappoint! I think I a fascinated with Hydrangeas because I can't grow them. The seem to be the ultimate in garden beauty and grace. Sigh. So in my imaginary perfect garden, I would add these for sure. 

Double Delights™ 'Perfection'

Double Delights™ 'Perfection' Hydrangea is a lovely petite rebloomer. Great for shade gardens or in a container. Beautiful rosy pink to blue blooms appear Summer to Fall are great in the garden as well as in cut flower arrangements.



'Next Generation Pisatchio'

'Next Generation Pistachio' Hydrangea must be the coolest new plant around. I must admit, it's my new favorite. Eye catching to say the least. Gorgeous blooms of lime green and pink grace this shrub Summer to Fall. Easy to grow. Great as a focal point in the garden or in containers. Grows to a height of 2-3 feet with a spread of 3-5 feet.



'Next Generation Snow Storm'

'Next Generation Snow Storm' Hydrangea is will brighten any shady spot in the garden. Blooms Summer through Fall with large white flowers. Foliage is a gorgeous dark green. With it's compact habit, it's great for large containers, too.



'Next Generation Wedding Ring'

'Next Generation Wedding Ring' Hydrangea is a real catch. Summer through Fall, this mophead hybrid produces bicolor blooms of either pink and white or blue and white. Simply gorgeous against the dark green foliage. Growth habit is compact, so gardeners will not have to spend as much time pruning this beauty. Great in a shade garden or container. Zones 5-9.



'Red Sensation'

Last but not least, this gorgeous reblooming Hydrangea is a must have. 'Red Sensation' is a very interesting plant - the blooms begin a lovely shade of lime green, mature to red then fade to purple in the Autumn. Totally sensational!



Click this link to find more information about all the hydrangeas in the database.

Hope you can add these beauties to your landscape!