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Legacy Gardening

by gardengirl

Picking bluebonnets
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How it all started for me....

My earliest memories of childhood are at my Grandmother’s house in upstate New York. I loved running around her large yard of green grass, flowering shrubs, fragrant roses, and vegetable garden.  She was quite proud of her roses and rightly so.

The most trouble I ever got in as a child was for picking one of the roses after being told not to do so.  However, I come from a long line of flower pickers and for better or worse, it’s just in the genes and now my kids do it as evidenced by the picture below!


I am sure my love of gardening stems from those childhood memories of beauty, fragrance and taste. Just about everything I grow now has a tie to those early days. My ‘Belinda’s Dream’ pink roses remind me of Grandma’s rose garden. I grow green beans (Yellow Wax Beans this year) because I loved the way they tasted both raw and cooked. I continue to grow tomatoes (‘Juliet’, ‘Big Beef’, ‘Yellow Pear’) because of the fresh and juicy treasures that came out of her garden. The first time I grew ‘Kennebec’ potatoes, I had to call her and ask how to harvest the potatoes. I loved her answer, ‘Just dig down a little and if they are still small, pat the dirt back over them and come back in a few days.” Who knew!!

While the varieties of vegetables and flowers she grew are different than the ones in my garden today, all those early experiences created a love for and a curiosity about the beauty in the garden.  From the time my girls were little, they’ve been welcomed into my garden – to plant, to tend, to harvest herbs and vegetables and to pick flowers. The zucchini below came out of my first garden - we found it hiding under some leaves and it was so big my 2 year old daughter could hardly hold it! 


The garden is a deeply rooted place where time moves slowly. In this crazy rush to the end of the school year, hope each of you has time to sink some roots, share the beauty and build a legacy in a garden.