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Quirky Containers

by Cliff Sharples (chief cultivator)

It's cold and raining, and Spring feels very far off... So, I've been looking at my garden photos and found some shots from a very fun garden in Portland, OR.

If the Shoe Fits

Container gardening is so much fun because you can do almost anything! Here we find a new use for a worn out pair of favorite shoes!



Evening Bag and Pumps

Following on the same theme, a purse and shoe combo for an elegant, on the town look to your container gardening pursuits!



Easy Mowing

This is the kind of lawn I am striving for :-)



Top Down

An old favorite toy becomes a curiosity in the garden.



Cushioned Seat Back

Succulents planted on the back of a wire gardening chair.




containers, found objects, Succulents


I love the succulent shoes and purse. Would you mind if I use your photos on my classes? I do succulent classes in Santa Clara County in California and would love to use these as examples. I will of course give you credit for the photos . Thank you so much.
Succulent Fanatic commented on 09/20/11
What a fun garden tour that must have been - surprises lurking everywhere.
gardengirl commented on 01/12/10
I love the quirky containers- makes gardening so silly and fun. thanks for shring! BTW love the new picture :)
FigTree commented on 01/12/10
yeah, time to put a real face to the name :-) lol
chief cultivator replied: on 01/12/10