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What are your favorite vegetables to grow?

by FigTree

veggie garden at heronswood; baimbridge island, wa

We want to know what you want to know about vegetable gardening. Come here and talk with us about what would get you excited enough to start your own vegetable garden.

I want to know what vegetables you would like to have talked about here on DTD.  I am going to be doing a list of the top 10 vegetables to grow in your garden, and then get the top 100 recipes (or what I think are the best 100) for that vegetable!  Sound ambitious?  It is.  That's why I really need the help of our peeps here on Dig The Dirt.

Tell me your favorite vegetable to grow, or what you would like to grow, or what your fantasy vegetable garden would have in it.  Let me in on what you're thinking as we are on the move to inspire you guys to grow your own veggies this Spring!



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Definitely tomatoes...usually cherry. However, I've not been successful with a veggie garden in zone 9b aside from containers (I can move them easily to control their climate a bit...the sun and bugs really take a toll on the plants!) Also like squash (yellow especially), pumpkins, beans and cucumber. Green onion too.
Lily commented on 10/26/09
Tomatoes & hot, hot, hot peppers. I'm going to give spinach a try this fall and swiss chard. Rumor has it black thumbs (like myself) can grow swiss chard!
hosta la vista commented on 10/21/09
We don't have a lot of space, so we are limited on quantity. I let the kids pick out our veggies. Might as well grow what they will eat! Then they plant the seeds themselves. I take care of it after that. For our fall/winter garden, they planted carrots, cabbage, bush beans, radishes, and slicing cucumbers. Don't know yet what spring will bring.
Daylilyjoy commented on 10/21/09
If I had to pick the top two, it&#x27;d be tomatoes and sweet corn. I&#x27;ve got to have onions. Cabbage, brussel sprouts, and broccoli. Do peppers count as one? Or more? I always grow green bells, and usually yellow and reds, too. THen I need one good hot pepper, and over theyears have fallen back to the jalapeno. CANNOT get through without cucumbers, and usually plant 3 or 4 varieties. I love eggplant and always grow it too. Not sure how many that is... you can count &#x27;em. <br/>
INGrandad commented on 10/21/09
Of course I love tomatoes (especially cherry) but I really love Japanese eggplant. It may not make it to the top 10, but it is really fun to cook with!
Seedling commented on 10/20/09
Only growing a few herbs for cooking, but would like to start a couple container gardens on the deck in the spring. Specifically, baby bell peppers. They are yummy and packed with vitamin C (so my wife continually tells me). :)
monkeygod commented on 10/20/09
go to the plants tab and use the search navigation on the left to check out all the peppers in the database! there are some totally cool ones!
chief cultivator replied: on 10/20/09