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Micro Irrigation

by gardengirl

Drip Irrigation

A quick rundown on the benefits of micro irrigation.

With so much of the country in a continued drought it's good for homeowners to do what they can to conserve the water available. Low volume irrigation is a great way to minimize water run off and target the roots of selected plants, thereby reducing the water loss due to evaporation or overspray. Micro irrigation comes in a variety of styles.

  • drip tubes
  • soaker hoses
  • bubblers
  • micro sprayers

This kind of low volume irrigation is most effective for flower beds, vegetable gardens, shrubs, trees and container plants, though it can also be used for turf.

Areas like flowerbeds are best served using soaker hoses. Drip tubes or soaker hoses are great for vegetable gardens. Micro sprays are work in small areas like containers and bubblers are best for trees, shrubs and ground covers.

Amazingly, drip tubing can be placed on the soil prior to laying down new turf and I am seeing an increasing number of homeowners and businesses use this technique for lawns.

Another benefit of drip irrigation is targeted watering of plants which uptake the water quickly leaving little water left for surrounding weeds.

Because of the growing need for and interest in conservation, it’s easier than ever to install drip systems yourself. Many garden centers now carrying drip irrigation kits that include all the necessary parts to convert existing sprinkler heads to drip. Drip irrigation saves water, money and can even limit weed growth.