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I am searching for a source of a type of cactus.

by Brandon

I am searching for a plaid cactus that is typically found grafted. Here is the tricky part I don't like the grafted look. I want a non grafted plant. 

I am searching for the bright orange, yellow, red or pink ( plaid cactus ). If you have a source or know a good way to root cacti I would love to know. 

 examples from flickr


here is my email if you can help, thanks.

please use the subject line ( cactus ) 


cactus grafted source rooting cacti


We've bought one that looks like that at Home Depot - not sure what the difference is in the ones that are grafted/not grafted though!
gardengirl commented on 03/04/13
Thank you but those are the grafted type. Graphed plants have a plant that has stronger growth habits, (roots) that are paired up with plants that don't have as strong a habit. They are artificially topped with a base plant basically.In the case of this type. The ugly base plant has strong rooting habits, while the colored plaid cactus are hard to root. Thank you though for the taking the time to help me. brandon
Brandon replied: on 03/10/13
I see... sorry! I had always assumed that the colored part was a bloom - didn't realize it was something else! Thanks for the info!
gardengirl replied: on 03/18/13