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Awesome way to grow Strawberries

by Cliff Sharples (chief cultivator)

Strawberries taken to a whole new level

This is a very cool, unique way to grow strawberries... a new definition for "raised beds!"

You can just imagine how GREAT it would be to harvest these strawberries in this unique raised bed strawberry patch:



edibles, fruit, raised beds, strawberries


What a great idea, I want to try it next spring :-))=
jardin-suisse commented on 09/20/13
so how is this done exactly? I can't find directions, but it looks fabulous!
jamlor commented on 09/18/13
How hardy is this? Would you have to insulate it if you live in the midwest? I like the idea, but I need to know more about it. Where is this grown? It looks like bars/poles and wood boxes. Very creative... If anyone has built this in a zone 5 or above, please let me know! <br/>
lilypad commented on 03/13/13
It is pretty cool. I do not know where the strawberries are grown like this but some something similar on a post/photo about tomatoes at EPCOT at Disney.
gardengirl replied: on 03/18/13
That&#x27;s awesome! <br/>
gardengirl commented on 02/02/13
That&#x27;s one way to keep ants from eating all of them. :)
Brandi Mills commented on 02/01/13