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Beyond that, when Jagex did fix the bot problem

by Megaomgchen

Beyond that, when Jagex did fix the OSRS gold bot problem, individuals lost their fucking minds and stop Runescape in droves. It's a problem many individuals claim they need fixed, but there's a significant proportion of players who bot themselves or purchase money from gold farmers. I don't think the players really care very much about the issue.

Is Jagex waiting for Runescape to die before getting at the top of this shit? I don't understand how it's possible that these bots can totally randomly generate names and execute the very same actions for hours straight and not get instantly banned. Banning them is obviously not enough, I do not want them banned, they'll be back in one hour. I need it to be much harder to create accounts in quick succession - arbitrary captchas, username flagging, chat monitoring.

There are dice robots in the GE in each and every world spamming the identical message format every single day for hours. The playercount is being inflated and the marketplace has been pumped with botted stuff.Obviously botting can't be stopped, but there shouldn't be any situation where spiders can collect 20-50m exp at a skill without getting captured.

You clearly have no ability to use that mind of yours. Only because a bot did not get in the way of me creating 40 mill off the extremely lucky bandos excursion I had a couple of days past, it still effects me knowing that theres thousands of bot farmers making over that from the week with 0 effort. Not to mention theyre selling it for genuine money. Thats demoralizing. I know that a few players that are maxed and close maxed that are staking away billions and their banks because theyre tired of the pointless soulless game thats 50 percent apps. Jagex will see their game dead in 5years ensured because the individual players will probably be gone. Bear in mind this comment when it starts occurring.

I really enjoy these vids a great deal and you need to keep doing them honestly for example that bot farm with the"high level accounts" those accounts could find these botted stats in a few times easy, so we really can't presume they've been there for weeks. If they had been there for months they would all be 99 magic easy with 10s of mills xp over 99 if they're botting for weeks at a time state 8-12 hours a day.thats kinda much good Cash if you code them great only Sayin and rwting is kinda simple so lets say you buy 500m at 3months of botting or 1day w.e exactly what bot farming you gonna do and if you dont get keylogged etc whilst rwting you dont want to work anymore.

I wonder if the bot epidemic have such a powerful hold on the RS economy that Jagex are worried about crashing it completely. I mean look at what happened to the emblems. Imagine hundreds of things all going into shortage of supply forcing the overall prizes around for everything essentially causing hyperinflation and devaluating RS Gold.Reporting them when you see them remains the best way to get them banned. There is runescape 2007 gold nothing Jagex can perform with Runescape being as it is. Make it not worth their time and they're gone.


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