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by muhammad rashid (MR1977)

safron flower
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Each Crocus sativus (saffron) blossom will produce only 3 stigmas, so you can see why they are the most labor-intensive and expensive spice in the world. In fact, it would take 75,000 flowers (225,000 stigmas) to equal just 1 pound of saffron. Since it’s so easy to grow and collect yourself, I wonder why I didn’t do this a long time ago. <br/>

The Crocus sativus is actually pretty easy to grow. I didn’t even expect to get blooms this season, so I was pleasantly surprised when a few pretty purple blossoms popped up. I planted  my corms in two different containers and am going to experiment by bringing one of these containers indoors and leaving the other in a protected location outdoors this winter.

When your saffron crocus opens up, take a tiny pair of scissors (I used my embroidery scissors) and snip these red-orange styles off at the base. Dry the styles (sometimes referred to as saffron “threads”) in a warm, dry location (mine took only a few hours to dry) and then place them in a spice container keeping your saffron away from heat and sunlight.



3stigma in flower saffron


Very cool! Thanks for posting - <br/>
gardengirl commented on 11/13/12