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Herbal Tea

by muhammad rashid (MR1977)

Chamomile plant
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M. chamomilla can be found near populated areas all over Europe and temperate Asia, and it has been widely introduced in temperate North America and Australia.

M. chamomilla has a branched, erect and smooth stem, which grows to a height of 15–60 cm. The long and narrow leaves, German chamomile dry flowers is used in herbal medicine for a sore Stomach , and as a gentle sleep aid. 

Chamomile is also used Cosmatics, primarily to make a rinse for blonde hair, and as a yellow dye for fabrics.


dry flowers, sore stomach, cosmatics, blonde hair


Have you had luck growing it? I live in zone 8 and it lasted for a only a little bit....
gardengirl commented on 11/12/12
i am growing germone chemomile in my herb garden. its tea is very beneficial for health
MR1977 replied: on 11/13/12
It's a lovely little plant. Good luck with it!
gardengirl replied: on 11/13/12