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Latest Crop - flowering perennials

by dig the dirt editor

Cape Leadwort
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Many varieties of hedges, Bee Balm and Beard Tongue went in to the database last week. Check these out! If you live in a temperate climate, Autumn can be a wonderful time to plant perennials.

Cape Leadwort


Also known as Plumbago auriculata. Fast growing pale green oblong foliage carries clusters of light blue phlox-like clusters in summer and fall. Drought tolerant once established, however, summer water is preferred for good flowering display. Plants thrive in turfy soil with some sand. Good drainage is important. In cool climates plant in spring so plants have the best chance to become established before frost sets in. Young plants need regular pinching to ensure bushy growth. Prune in late winter to tidy the stems and remove old wood to encourage new growth and next season's blooms. Old plants should be pruned very hard. Semi-evergreen shrub with many looks and uses. If planted and given support, can reach a height of 12 feet or more. If left unsupported, will grow as a sprawling, mounding bush and reach a height of 6 feet and a width of 8-10 feet. Can use as a bank cover, on fences, on hot walls, in a background, as a filler or as a formal or informal hedge. Train over an arch or pergola. The choice is yours!

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Bee Balm 'Colrain Red'



An explosion of color is what you'll see with this Bee Balm selection. Bright red/scarlet flowers dot this Summer blooming perennial. Its jagged, fragrant green foliage only adds to its allure. A favorite of butterflies, hummingbirds and of course bees. Extend its blooming season by actively cutting off faded blooms. A great plant choice for containers, mass plantings and cut or dried arrangements. Hardy in zones 4-9.

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Skimmia japonica


Skimmia japonica is a lovely evergreen shrub for part shade or full shade areas. Grows in a dense rounded form to 3 - 5 feet tall and slightly wider. Flower buds are red and open to fragrant white blooms in the spring. The female Skimmia produces red berries. Prune in the spring after the shrub is finished flowering. Zones 7-9. 

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Alhambra Jacaranda Tree


An architectural masterpiece built by the Nasrid dynasty during 1238-1492, Spain's Alhambra Palace is a sensual palace, surrounded by purple-blooming jacaranda trees. Simply gorgeous when in bloom in late spring/early summer. The flowers are fragrant. Grows to 25-40 feet tall. This tree is made available through American Forests Famous & Historic Trees program. Your purchase will help fund American Forests Global ReLeaf 2000 tree-planting campaign. Zones 9-11.

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Kunthii Beard Tongue


Shocking rosy red blooms cover this variety of Penstemon. This gorgeous perennial thrives in the hot Summer sun and is drought tolerant. A very easy to grow selection, it has both compact growth and height to it. This makes it a great plant choice for borders, mass plantings and cut flowers. Deer will resist this beauty while butterflies and hummingbirds are attracted to it. Hardy in zones 7-9.

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Happy Gardening!


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